The difference between Capless Wigs and cap wigs

Capless wigs are wigs that have rows sewn together, without using a solid cap as the base. Every capless wig is made with exclusive monofilament two layer designs and through hand crafted weaving techniques. When making the cap-less wigs, thin cotton or lace ribbons are used to hold wefts of hair that are sewn onto them, instead of using a solid cap, as is the case with a cap wigs. After that, the ribbons are then joined together to form a wig. The ribbons flexibility and ability to stretch enables them to conform to the wearer’s shape of head.

The capless wigs are then held in place by adjustable straps and hooks located at the neck region. Cap-less wigs have a cooling effect, compared to solid cap wigs, because the capless construction used to make these wigs allows hair to flow to both the head and scalp, and thus has less hair. The cap-less wigs can be made from either synthetic or human hair.

Cap wigs are custom made by hand and are suitable for individuals, who suffer from baldness or have very thin hair, while cap-less wigs are made by sewing machines. Cap wigs are expensive compared to cap-less wigs because they are handmade while the cap-less wigs are affordable because they are made by machine. Cap-less wigs do not offer many options when it comes to styling.

Capless wigs are preferred because they have better ventilation compared to cap wigs, which have closed laced layer at the crown. They are also lighter and they mold easily to one’s head shape creating a more custom fit. One’s face, skin tone and personal sense of style affects one’s decision on what kind of wig style a person wants to use. Whether ones face is square, oval, circle or heart shaped there is always a particular wig style that will frame and flatter one’s beautiful face.

When choosing the capless wigs, individuals with the heart shaped faces prefer hairstyles that make their faces appear more symmetrical. These hairstyles have a full bottom with less height at the sides. The other face shapes also have a variety of hairstyles to choose from. The color of cap-less wigs to be used depends on one’s skin tone. Due to the fact that cap-less wigs are lighter than any other wigs and they are super breathable, they are preferred by people who live in hot environments.

These capless wigs do not provide warmth too. Most individuals wear wigs in order to disguise the fact that they are suffering from permanent hair loss or thinning hair. Hair loss may be caused by factors such as illness, treatments that are cancer related such as chemotherapy, which usually causes one to lose their hair. Lack of hair also causes one to lose their self-esteem especially when it comes to women. That is the main reason a woman will consider buying a wig be it a capless wig or one with caps. A woman’s hair is her crowning glory.

Aug 2011
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